the 2019 Workshop Starts Soon!

Prairie Percussion Workshop

About Prairie Percussion

This year’s MBA Prairie Percussion Workshop will be held at the Desautels Faculty of Music on the University of Manitoba campus.  We are delighted to be hosted in these state of the art, brand new facilities.

The workshop will run from August 6-9, 2019.

Prairie Percussion is a source for percussion information and events in Manitoba. The main annual event is the Prairie Percussion Workshop, a skills and performance based event that is designed for middle and high school students. The workshop creates opportunities for students to work with talented educators and guest artists in all of the major areas of percussion.

The goal of this website is to create a hub for percussion middle school, high school and university students, educators and professionals. The heart of the organization started with the workshop but the larger goal is to begin establishing other events. I would love to work with teachers to help reinforce their technical skills and also to teach some basic maintenance and upkeep skills. I plan to connect students with private teachers and to create masterclasses.

From Concert Percussion to Drum Set, from World Percussion in all of its many cultures and styles to classical Marimba. Diversity is one of the aspects I find the most exciting about percussion. My goal in creating this site is to help students find teachers, help teachers find resources and help all interested parties find concerts, masterclasses, and events.