Prairie Percussion!

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What is Prairie Percussion all about?



The workshop is designed to teach basic skills to new players and to create challenges for more advanced students.



Instructors in every area of percussion give students opportunities to focus on specific skills with local professional musicians.



A variety of special guests will join us on Orchestral Percussion and Timpani, World Percussion, Drum Set and More!

An interesting thought...

“Are there female performers on all kinds of instruments? Certainly… [but] there must have been a fine spirit of enterprise in the soul of a woman who took up the study of the tympani. How many jobs are there for the female tympanist? What is the outlook for the female bassoonist? Does anyone wish to see a woman playing the bass drum or an E-flat tuba?… Well, it is a all a matter of custom. Students in such institutions as the Juilliard School of Music see women playing in their orchestra continually and think nothing of it.”

William J. Henderson, Dean of New York Music Critics was quoted making this statement in 1935.

This quote raises a few questions, and definitely my eyebrows, and I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the subject is closed, but as a woman who plays a bass drum on a regular basis, I am happy to report that, 80 years later, 

it doesn’t seem to bother anyone…!

Come Join in on the Drum Fun!


Technical Skills

Learn how to take care of percussion instruments, not just how to play them! 


Tons of Equipment

Have you ever seen 6 drum sets in one room? Planning for 8 drum sets in 2019!


Small Groups

Students are divided into small groups by ability so that they get personal attention at their individual levels of development 


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